chocolate nommyness


That’s what my friend Annette called the Christmas present I made for her Significant Other, David. The recipe was originally in the NZ Herald, where for some reason it was called ‘chocolate bark’. I tweaked it a bit…

For this, for each batch you intend to make you’ll need one block of Whitaker’s white chocolate & one of their dark – for the latter I used the 72% dark ghana, as it’s very chocolate-y indeed without being too sweet. Melt one of the blocks, either (carefully! ie short bursts & stirring often) in the microwave, or over a pan of boiling water on the stove. Into the melted chocolate mix – well, whatever takes your fancy, really. With the white chocolate I used a mix of dried blueberries & dried cranberries, but dried/crystallised pineapple would probably be delicious too. (Did wonder about dried strawberries but decided against it.) Pour this into a sponge roll pan lined with baking paper & shake gently to spread the chocolate/fruit mix reasonably thin, then put it in the fridge to set. After which, melt the other block of chocolate (in this case, the dark block) & pour it over the top, so that you have a chocolate bi-layer with one of the layers containing lovely tasty little inclusions. Leave the lot in the fridge again & then break into pieces – or cut with a heavy knife, which is what I did.

With the second batch, I melted the dark chocolate first, & added a pile of chopped crystallised ginger. But chopped nuts would be good too; I had macadamias on hand but felt the ginger would be even nicer.

Then I packaged a mix of the two up for David. There was rather too much to go in the box so I put the leftovers in another container in the fridge. In retrospect I should have hidden it at the back of the fridge – behind the broccoli, where people seldom venture. But I didn’t, & the family discovered the little stash… Really must make some more!


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