a berry nice crumble


We’re lucky in Hamilton to have several great farmers’ markets within easy reach: Tamihere, the one in Hamilton itself, and now the market at Gordonton. One of my regular market purchases last year (often carried home in my bicycle panniers along with eggs, long sweet red peppers, and macadamia nuts, was lovely, luscious fresh blueberries. I adore blueberries! Some we ate straight away, and others I froze for later. But the frozen supplies ran out a month or so back, and so I was rapt last Sunday morning to find the first of the new crop in the Monavale stall at the market. Because now I can buy more and (along with more macadamias) make what my friend Annette christened ‘a berry nice crumble’.

I originally made it for a dinner where one of the guests was gluten-intolerant, but the gluten-free mix is easily replaced by standard flour. Because it’s a crumble (& because I made it up on the hoof) there’s no hard-&-fast quantities to this – something else that the daughter finds infuriating 🙂

  • turn the oven on to heat to 180 degrees C
  • put 500g fresh or frozen blueberries in an oven-proof dish. If frozen, you might put them in the oven as it warms up, to thaw them.
  • finely chop (or blitz in a blender) about 100g of macadamia nuts.
  • put them in a bowl with a cup or so of GF baking mix (or standard flour) & a cup of sugar (I used raw sugar because I like the flavour).
  • melt about 100g of butter and mix this into the dry ingredients – it should end up like rough crumbs.
  • for that extra ‘yum’ factor, chop 50-100g of good dark chocolate & stir this into the crumbs 🙂
  • sprinkle the crumbs evenly over the berries & bake the crumble for about 20 minutes, or until the topping is golden & the berries are bubbling.

We didn’t have any leftovers 🙂


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